Allbet:Army to build Bailey bridge in Kg Iboi


Members of the Royal Army Engineers Regiment team surveying the location where the replacement Bailey bridge connecting Kg Iboi and Kg Masjid Iboi is to be built. – Facebook pic, July 6, 2022.

THE Malaysian Armed Forces will build a Bailey bridge to replace the bridge between Kg Iboi and Kg Masjid Iboi in Baling, Kedah, which collapsed when floods hit the villages on Monday.

Senior Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said he had instructed the Royal Army Engineers Regiment to build the bridge.




“Minister (of Rural Development) Mahdzir Khalid contacted me yesterday and requested the armed force’s assistance to build the Bailey bridge.

“The Royal Army Engineers Regiment has deployed its team to check out the location so that the construction of the bridge can be done as soon as possible. They left for Baling this morning,” he said in a posting on Facebook.

The Baling floods had claimed three lives so far and destroyed at least seven houses in Kg Iboi. – Bernama, July 6, 2022.


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